Jaisoft Solutions

Terms and Conditions
  1. Definition
    1. Software means a single or group of computer files which can be executed inside the computer.
    2. Customer means any small/medium company or firm running business had established a relation with Jaisoft by purchasing a software product or software as a service.
  2. All the valuable and beloved customers are kindly requested to read the terms and conditions carrefully before purchaing a software as a product or as a service. For any complaints or disputes beyond the mentioned terms and conditions or any assumptions, Jaisoft will not be answered.
  3. The Software might be sold as a service or as a product which is totally depends on the software requirement and customer needs
  4. All of our software products are developed using other software firm or vendor or individual provided open source or purchased software tools, IDE and utilities and libraries, which not part of Jaisoft , for any mis-functions, bugs, error caused by those tools, utility frameworks and libraries, Jaisoft will have not responsibility and will not pay any penalties or claim.
  5. System crash or data loss or any other loses due to software error or bugs, Jaisoft will not be liable and it is purely customer's responsibilty to correctness of the downloaded/purchased software.
  6. Any software errors found after the installtion and testing, customer may raise a complaint at services@jaisoft.in with all the input scenerio and error details, if possible will attach a screenshot, Jaisoft will take neccesary solutions to solve the error asap and customers are liable to pay rectification or enhancement charges.
  7. Shipping
    All products will be deliverd to customer by online download or ftp only. If required, Jaisoft's staff will visit Customer's official premisses and do software installations or corrections at on-site. No physyical media like CD/DVD/Pen Drive will be posted or couriered to customer's official/personal mailing address.
  8. Payments
    Payments will be accepted via Internet Bank Transfer, Paytm, Cash, Cheque, payment gateway(will be available soon)
  9. Cancellation and Refund Policy
    Cancellation or discontinuation of a software product or service can be done at any time as Customer Decision by intimating via mail to services@jaisoft.in or sending a written request to the mailing address. No refund will be made, after a software or service is purchased and installed at Customer workstation or computer.